Wow - here I am, I've just created this blog, my first, ready to tell the story of Chantelle, our beautiful 1963 Bedford Marshall bus that is going to take us on some wonderful adventures. I'm going to write this for fun, for all those people whose eyes lit up when we told them about her, and for anyone else wanting to do the same thing, so we can share what we find out. And maybe because just because I'm so excited about the whole thing !

Monday, April 17, 2006

Finishing off

Our last days work till next Saturday, so we took a good hard look at what needed doing. We lined the inside of the bathroom with more ply, which was a real pain of a job, as there was so much already there to work around, but we now have a firm smooth base to stick the vinyl to. We going to get some one in to apply the sealant, as this will make all the difference to the water resistance. I fancy decorating the door with newspaper and magazine cuttings from the festivals we go to, we did this in our last house, and it looked great, and was pretty tough after several layers of varnish.

Did a final clear-up, and another few hours of washing down the inside paintwork, and then set off on the train journey home - still no car thanks to the bank holidays. I was really sad to say goodbye to her, even though it will only be a few days till we're back.

This has been a great start to the project, despite the setbacks.


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