Wow - here I am, I've just created this blog, my first, ready to tell the story of Chantelle, our beautiful 1963 Bedford Marshall bus that is going to take us on some wonderful adventures. I'm going to write this for fun, for all those people whose eyes lit up when we told them about her, and for anyone else wanting to do the same thing, so we can share what we find out. And maybe because just because I'm so excited about the whole thing !

Friday, April 14, 2006

The first real fit out

Ready to start to build the bathroom today - we've showered in various places over the last few months, and have worked out the mininum size that we could cope with. We want to keep the external view of the bus as clean as possible, so the bathroom has to be contained within one window width. We marked it all out on the floor well and good but what we'd forgotten was how low the bus is, especially under the curves by the window, but it still should be OK, as long as we have any tall visitors. We put up 2 supporting strutts, then cut a front wall to fit. We cut out a door, fixed it back in with piano hinges.

The side wall was a bit more tricky - we had to cut to fit the curve, and other bulges along the side of the bus. We tried the extended pencil method, to trace the shape, and made a reasonable, but not brilliant job of it. Next time we'll spend longer making the marking tool, so the line is a bit better. We'll be lining the inside with vinyl, and the outside with tongue and groove, so its not critical to have the ply perfect.

We love Norm on the "New Yankee Workshop" show, and thought he'd be proud of our skateboard feeder for 8x4 sheets through the circular saw.


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