Wow - here I am, I've just created this blog, my first, ready to tell the story of Chantelle, our beautiful 1963 Bedford Marshall bus that is going to take us on some wonderful adventures. I'm going to write this for fun, for all those people whose eyes lit up when we told them about her, and for anyone else wanting to do the same thing, so we can share what we find out. And maybe because just because I'm so excited about the whole thing !

Friday, June 16, 2006

Gas rack door

We bought a door to access the gas rack, and as soon as we saw it, and it just looked too plasticy, so we hummed and hahed, and decided the answer would be to cut a hole in the side, and make and make a door. We asked Dick, the welder who has helped already, and he and his son came over, and made it in a couple of hours. Looks great - and ties in with the fuel and water access doors.


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