Wow - here I am, I've just created this blog, my first, ready to tell the story of Chantelle, our beautiful 1963 Bedford Marshall bus that is going to take us on some wonderful adventures. I'm going to write this for fun, for all those people whose eyes lit up when we told them about her, and for anyone else wanting to do the same thing, so we can share what we find out. And maybe because just because I'm so excited about the whole thing !

Monday, February 20, 2006

The 60s project

We've thought a lot about the inside feel of the bus, my favourite is the one we saw at a festival last year, where you couldnt see through the window for bottles. Unfortunately, this is a family bus, so we had to look further afield for inspiration. We went to a big Motorhome show and this clinched our decsion to convert a bus, rather than buy a tourer, because of the naff suburban interiors which seemed to be the only options available. So we needed to make the bus feel fab, in keeping with its era, while adhering pretty strictly to the reduce/reuse/recycle mantra. We're equiping it almost entirely with second-hand stuff, where possible from the mid 60s, even down to the cleaning products we're planning to use. We have a head-start, with our loft full of hand-me down household stuff, and of course, for everything else, there's eBay.

We've managed to acquire the heating system, and the cooker. A fridge, water tank, shower and toilet are the biggies we're still looking for.


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