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Thursday, May 17, 2007

my detective story

Detective Inspector Grouse’s adventures in the evil world of crime
A small stout dark haired man was sitting by his rough old desk sipping a steaming cup of black coffee. This was D.I. grouse having a morning break. The police station was in the centre of Macclesfield in a tacky mid thirties building. His skinny blonde secretary walked in and said “D.I. sir, you’ve got a case.” This was sweet music to his ears because he loved cracking crimes.

He looked at the secretary who was pretty with gorgeous legs but he sighed because he knew she had a boyfriend. She passed him the newspaper article. “I wish I could have those rocks,” she exclaimed. He sat down, put his spectacles on and read it through thoroughly. It said that the Hinton family diamonds were stolen yesterday from a safe in the Hinton mansion. A statement from the recent butler Jim boulder said that there had been money difficulties in the family. So far the local police had been searching the woods. “This case seems a tough nut to crack” he told his secretary. Grouse suspected that John Hinton had given the diamonds to Jim for safekeeping but told the insurance company that they had been stolen because he needed the money.

DI wanted the detailed search information relayed back to him as he needed it to solve the case. He phoned to see who was leading the search but was shocked to hear it was his ex-wife leading the team. He was full of anxiety; but he knew he had to get the case solved. Grouse had split up with his wife because he’d been selfish and uncaring and she hadn’t understood the trouble he had been going through.

“Did you hear my ex-wife is leading the search?” he moaned.

“I always liked Davina I never found out why you split up” she replied

“Oh, she could never understand how dedicated I was to my job.”

“Your dedication must have earned you a pension by now.” His secretary chuckled.

“Less of that cheekiness, now let’s get back to the case, Get sergeant Billy to bring the car round, I’m off to interrogate Boulder.” Grouse instructed.

Grouse got into his MG B GT and left with a case on his hands.

for lunch i had a cornish pastie and humus


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