MARK the Evangelist


St Mark was born in Africa, with Jewish parents.  He went to school and learnt Greek, Latin and Hebrew.  He went to the wedding of Cana in Galilee, where Jesus turned water into wine.


Mark and Lions;

  1. Mark called John the Baptist a Lion in his book in the bible (but not my version)
  2. Mark and his daddy met a lion and a lioness.  Daddy said “let me stay here and die while you escape”, but Mark said “God’s son aka Jesus will save you”.  Mark prayed and both the lions fell down and died.  His daddy started to believe in Jesus then he died.


Mark went to Africa and his Sandal broke.  He went to get it mended by a cobbler.  The cobbler got a wound in the arm, and shouted “O One God”.  Mark healed the cobbler then went to his home where he baptised the whole family.


Mark was celebrating Easter when the mob turned on him and dragged him through the streets.  That night he went to prison and saw Jesus.  Mark said “O My Lord Jesus”.  The next day they dragged him to death.  Christians took his body and buried him in a rock under the alter.


His body is now in St Mark’s cathedral in Rome.